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Hello everyone, we need your help to get our 21st century/back to the roots community started.
We have designed communities, where homes are built with thermally/acoustically insulated materials and powered by the sun and natural gas. Just outside we have production organic vegetable gardens that will not only feed you, but pay the utility bills too ! We also feature state of the art renewable energy and sustainable practices. RSL, LLC is building the first community in the upstate of SC, to be duplicated all around the Southeast and ultimately everywhere.

But first, we need to raise $125,000 to build our first home and garden. Please help us ignite an environmental residential development revolution.
To show our appreciation for your very important assistance, the following items per each donation level will come to you!

Thanks again, and here are the rewards:
At $25 a highlight pdf of start to finish of 1st home and garden
At $50 highlight pdf and weekly update newsletter of project process
At $100 highlight pdf/weekly newsletter and organic garden tutorial video w/Bruce
At $250 highlight pdf/weekly newsletter/organic tutorial/Q&A session on complete organic process
At @$500 highlight pdf/weekly newsletter/organic tutorial/Q&A session and paid overnight stay @ local hotel and breakfast with the partners of RSL and home garden tour.
Thanks again, Mark, Andrew, Bruce, David and Bob plus the rest of the team.

Please send donations to: RSL,LLC 1512 Highway 414, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

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